Micro Strategies Productivity Suite for Alfresco

Seamless & improved integration for Microsoft Office, Office 365, Adobe Acrobat and Windows Explorer

Micro Strategies' Productivity Suite for Alfresco provides the integration that Alfresco users need with all Office and Outlook applications, including Adobe. This new and improved functionality provides a tighter and more seamless integration with Alfresco and Microsoft Office-- ultimately increasing productivity.

Benefits include users being able to:

  • More efficiently store, retrieve & search for documents in Alfresco with full versioning, locking and security
  • Enhance Alfresco Outlook Integration Module
  • Open any related Office or Adobe document from any Office product
  • Collaborate with other users
  • Save, search and compare documents
  • Multi-user document editing
  • Provide & maintain a standard structure for document storage

All without leaving Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat or any Microsoft Office Application – increasing productivity and saving time.

Ready to see it in action? View the brief videos below or contact us for a live complimentary demo

Alfresco's Microsoft Outlook and MS Office Integration

Alfresco's Workshare Comparison

MSI Quick File

MSI Quick File