Our Manufacturing Information & ERP System Solutions

Manufacturing and distribution companies operating today are looking for innovative ways to obtain new markets and exceed their operational potential. These companies, however, are presented with numerous challenges like fluctuating markets, evolving customer and distribution channel demands, increasing supply chain complexity, regulatory requirements and technological barriers—all while trying to drive revenue growth, control costs and manage existing assets effectively.

With the right manufacturing software solution, organizations can confront present and future challenges and keep an eye on their core business functions. With a flexible, and custom-designed IT strategy and implementation from Micro Strategies, your manufacturing and distribution enterprise can beat the challenges and excel into the future.

Our team of expert architects and technicians is experienced in custom-tailored solutions that fit your business and provide real-time control and data analysis over your entire enterprise. We can help you align manufacturing and distribution processes and optimize performance, improve supply-chain efficiency and meet sustainability and regulatory demands—all in a manufacturing information system that fits your business and budget goals.

How Micro Strategies Can Optimize Your Manufacturing and Distribution Business

  • Aligned enterprise for optimized efficiency
  • Informed decision-making and data-driven cost savings
  • Improved Supply Chain management
  • Meet sustainability and regulatory challenges
  • Control customer channels with real-time data analytics
  • Innovate and grow with mobility and security solutions
  • Reliable and consistent technology solutions that exceed modern demands
  • Business continuity and data recovery