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X1 Boston, 290 Wood Road, Braintree, MA

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06/06/2019 - 4:00 pm

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Data center operations have become increasingly complex due to the increase in:

  • The number of platforms being maintained
  • The resources in those platforms being siloed
  • The inability for those platforms to meet the demands of modern workloads

To simplify data center management and address these concerns, businesses are turning to hyper converged infrastructure. The benefits include:

  • Lower data center costs
  • Reduction or Elimination of expensive and complex SANs
  • Ability to scale to a ‘right sized’ environment without limits
  •  The power of a platform built for modern needs such as:
    • Machine learning and AI
    • Databases and large-scale data warehouses
    • Web infrastructure and mainstream enterprise applications

With the combination of IBM POWER® systems and Nutanix software, you get the benefit of a high-performance enterprise-class hardware platform and the top-rated on-premises cloud operating system to easily manage your IT infrastructure. Realize immediate operational benefits with this partnership, as you gain the ability to manage both POWER-based clusters and x86-based clusters from a single pane of glass through Prism Central. One tool. No complexity.

Join us for a seminar, followed by an evening of kart racing, dinner and drinks.

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