IBM Integrated Analytics System (IIAS)

IBM’s Integrated Analytics System (IIAS) helps clients disrupt their markets and lead in their industries with ease of use and high performance.

IBM® Integrated Analytics System is a purpose-built analytics engine that delivers the insights needed to drive business results so you can maintain your competitive edge. This secure, easy-to-manage, and high-performance system leverages in-place machine learning and IBM's common analytics engine to make sure you can focus less on administration and more on analytics.

Key features:

  • Common SQL Engine – Workload portability across on-premise, public and private cloud
  • Built-in Data science tooling – IBM Data Science Experience is included, allowing BI professionals and data scientists to collaboratively analyze data and leverage tools such as R, SPSS, Jupyter Notebooks and Machine Learning
  • Simplicity – Minimal administration and tuning
  • Scalability – Elastic and flexible to grow with your requirements (on-premise or cloud)
  • Performance – integrated database, server and storage solution that is 10-100x faster than traditional systems

Micro Strategies’ experienced consultants will help your business maximize your IBM® Integrated Analytics System investment by optimizing and converting all existing data and schemas from your data warehouse and business intelligence environments while maintaining the quality of the data.

For existing Netezza (PDA) clients, IIAS is the next generation of Netezza.  IIAS leverages the most current compute power, in memory processing, elastic configuration and 100% flash based storage.

Pronto: Simplified Real-Time Data Platform for Business Analytics and Visualization

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