Ephesoft advanced document capture and data extraction solutions help businesses run more efficiently, increase information mobility and respond to changes in a cost effective manner by automatically classifying, separating, sorting and extracting data from documents in paper, fax and electronic formats. It eliminates manual classification and validation of documents saving time, manpower, money.

Ephesoft Transact is an intelligent document capture and data classification solution that extracts meaningful data from documents no matter the format or how you receive them.  That data then feeds your back office applications and line of business processes to accelerate the pace of business transactions.  Ephesoft Smart Capture solutions can identify the information you need without manual data entry, without time consuming document sorting or scanning separator sheets with barcodes.

It’s a zero foot-print, browser based application that can run on your servers behind your firewall, or in the cloud as a subscription-based service. In either model, you can be in production in days, rather than the weeks or months of setup required with outmoded systems.  If you have paper or electronic documents that drive your sales orders, insurance claims, mortgages, invoices or any other business critical process, you need to investigate Smart Capture solutions from Ephesoft.

Ephesoft Transact is the only document capture and extraction system to employ RESTful APIs, which make ERP, CRM, document management and other back office and personal productivity programs document capture enabled.

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