Contract Lifecycle Management - on premise or in the cloud

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Built on Alfresco One and Activiti BPM, Micro Strategies Contract lifecycle Management Solution is a compliant and cost effective contract management solution designed to standardize, streamline and automate contracts from initiation, creation, negotiation, execution, renewals through expiration and archiving.

Do you deal with these types of issues on a regular basis?

  • Providing your users with a consistent way to start a review process.
  • Ensuring a consistent / standardized folder structure is setup based on business rules.
  • Creating security polices that ensure users only see what they should see.
  • Tracking the review process so users can see the state of a process, understand the status of the document(s) involved and track task owners.

What if you could provide your users with:

  • A form driven approach to starting a review process.
  • Ability to manage the folder structure templates needed for the solutions.
  • Ability to control the assignment of security policies.
  • Tracking of their processes.
  • See a live diagram of the process with status.
  • Adherence to compliance regulations for the storage of content and delivery of content for legal auditing.

Document Intake & Process

Tracking Dashboard