Watchung Spring Water SaaS Call Recording Solution

Watchung Beverage Delivery Case Study Image
What if you could gain insights into improving customer satisfaction in real time by highlighting successful customer service calls?

This established beverage distribution company records and organizes call data from customer interactions, discovering best-in-class sales and customer service experiences as the business grows into new markets, and providing training for new reps.



Watchung Spring Water has been serving business and residential customers since 1903, being the exclusive distributor of Poland Spring and Deer Park bottled water in Southern and Central New Jersey as well as a provider of soda and snacks, coffee, paper products and cleaning supplies. As its business grew, the leadership team wanted greater insight into the delivery service scheduling process, and the company’s existing systems were in need of a more robust approach. They also wanted to be able to train new customer service representatives on the successful sales and service techniques used by the more experienced representatives. Such information could help monitor and highlight successful call interactions to make them repeatable for training and interaction improvements. Since they were already doing some things really well, they wanted a way to capture and improve methodologies for every customer interaction.

Call Recording in the Cloud

Measuring and tracking call center interactions, Watchung Spring Water was able to increase customer satisfaction, in part by instituting more proactive and informed customer service practices and by offering a training tool for the customer service team. The NICE Recording solution allows the company to leverage the data capture and gain insights. The company now uses the small, on premise capture device to record and encrypt calls in addition to using the IBM SoftLayer for application, database, resiliency and storage. The ability to search, mark and categorize specific calls gives the team the data they need to focus on what’s working and to keep improving the process. Now that management can benchmark best practices, they are able to design even more effective models for service and sales. Customers continue to experience outstanding service over the phone, resulting in continued growth in sales levels.

Real Business Results

  • Grows sales levels by increasing the level of service provided over the phone
  • Enables management to design more efficient models for services and sales
  • Provides the call data necessary to monitor and measure service interactions, facilitating sales and increasing customer approval
  • Manages the application and database in the cloud, reducing complexity and cost

Solution Components

  • Software: IBM SoftLayer, NICE Call Recording SaaS
  • Services: Micro Strategies Architect, Design, Development and program Management services