Project Docs Jumpstart for Cloud Content Management

MSI Project Docs JumpStart provides clients the ability to ensure standards and compliance requirements are met when storing, searching and editing their documents. Sitting on top of Box, the solution gives you the ability to take advantage of all the Box Cloud Content Management (CCM) capabilities and can be implemented in less than 30 days.

How it works:

Standard folders are created for each type of project and properties are automatically assigned to documents, for searching. The names of these available properties can be tailored to individual client needs. Included in the Jumpstart are Project Name, Document Type and Document Subtype. The solution can easily be extended with more properties.

The Jumpstart includes Project Name, Document Type and Document Subtype as well as additional properties.


The folders created for a particular project are stored in Project Folders.

The Project Drop Zone folder is where the user uploads an initial document that will trigger the creation of the project folders as well as assigning the business rules for automatically inheriting the Project Name, Document Type (i.e. Change Order) and Document Subtype (i.e. Field Change Order).

The Templates folder is where the user can create the folder structures for the various types of projects.

There can be as many different folder structures and folder levels as needed. Users can easily manage the options in the Document Type and Subtype pick lists.

When the user needs to trigger the creation of a folder structure for a project, they upload a document to the Drop Zone folder, assign a project name, select a template to be created (i.e. AI Creation Project) and pick the collaboration groups.

See how it works: