A Major Retailer Enhances Performance Across Their Entire Enterprise

What if you could unify all brand, customer, financial, operational, and employee analytics internationally?

This global clothing company provides its executives with a shared, centrally-governed data and analytics platform for accessing, analyzing and reporting enterprise performance intelligence.


Strategic decisions in an organization the size of this major retailer necessarily must incorporate numerous perspectives. To fully comprehend the impact of their decisions on enterprise performance, executives analyze over 30 business areas, from brand value, customer behavior and individual store operations to operating margins, freight costs and internal processes. Multiple data warehouse systems in use across the business, however, meant there was no central repository for data globally and no integration of information. The disconnected system also added cost and complexity. For instance, every geographical area had a unique way of identifying SKUs, requiring executives to maintain multiple cross-reference tables to track inventory locations. This major retailer wanted to standardize on a single business intelligence needed an end-to-end organizational view of key analytic perspectives and a framework to create a structure foundation for its current and future analytics needs.

Business Analytics and Intelligence

Complete, consistent and timely information is the stuff of which good strategic business decisions are made. Executives throughout every business function and geography at this major retailer are now speaking the same language and working from the same view when it comes to key business metrics. Common definitions across all master data standardizes and improves data visualization and reporting and delivers advanced insights. Decision-makers deep-dive and dissect key business indicators related to everything from profitability and individual product and store sales across all regions to inventory movement between the company’s distribution centers. Merchandisers, for example, identify unbalanced store assortments as well as items that are overstocked or understocked, adjusting inventory levels accordingly. Moreover, the unified data warehouse and analytics solution strengthens data governance, significantly reducing the risk of data breaches - a widespread concern in the retail industry.

Real Business Results

• Provides a standardized, enterprise-wide view of all key business metrics
• Establishes a strategic business intelligence architecture for global deployment
• Centralizes data governance, reducing risk of data breaches
• Reduces data management and analytics complexity and cost

Solution Components

• Software: IBM PureData (Netezza)
• Services: Micro Strategies Architect, Design and Development services