Large County 911 Center positions self for Next Gen 911

With law enforcement operations going digital, staying current with the latest technologies becomes a necessity in addressing public safety.

The Opportunity

Emergency operations centers and police records are invaluable to law enforcement. Having the ability to quickly record and access information involving emergencies and investigations allows for better and more accurate end results. In order to achieve this objective, keeping up-to-date with the latest technological solutions becomes imperative to public safety. This local 911 center had a legacy NICE recording system and required a number of software upgrades. Micro Strategies and NICE Systems were awarded this opportunity and went to work in implementing a new and robust Next Gen 911 solution. Services delivery.

Next Gen 911 Solution

Micro Strategies met with the client to understand their business plans and their concerns regarding their security management and technology needs. The team at Micro Strategies worked in conjunction with NICE Systems NICE Inform to record all phone calls, enabling text-to-911 recording availability for Next Gen 911. The customer now has an updated call recording and discovery system that allows for last message replay, advanced case discovery, and is fully compliant in a court of law. The customer faced tight implementation deadlines and the Micro Strategies team was able to deliver in accordance with these deadlines.

Real Business Results

  1. State-of-the-art technology with premier technology vendors
  2. Able to serve client’s needs immediately and without interruption
  3. Access to detailed reporting and case discovery
  4. Digital evidence library complete with phone calls various forms of multi-media organized by case numbers

Solution Components

  1. NICE Inform

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