Government Organization Selects Micro Strategies for Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM) Deployment and Custom Module Integration

State Board of Public Defenders Look to Improve Service Speed and Efficiency with Technology and Process Updates

This U.S. State’s Board of Public Defenders strives to provide the highest level of legal defense for their citizens, but has found that they are unable to adequately deliver their services due to archaic technology and business approaches.

The Opportunity

The cost and time associated with converting paper to electronic for this U.S. State’s Board of Public Defenders was overwhelmingly high. In addition, the Public Defenders were unable to provide adequate defense to their clients in a timely fashion which led to major PR challenges. They needed to be able to process legal filing data from counties across the state that provided data in a variety of formats such as, paper, USBs, emails, etc. Their inability to quickly convert all this data into a cohesive format for their public defenders who are constantly on the go, led to an increase in lag time and inefficient justice for their citizenry. Furthermore, they required a content management platform that would be able to handle increasing audio and video formatted evidence as well as have all this integrate with their proprietary case management system.

ECM and Custom Modules Integration

Micro Strategies met with the client to understand their business plans and their concerns regarding their data management and technology needs. The team at Micro Strategies partnered with local IBM consultants to educate the client on the benefits of IBM Spectrum Protect, a data protection platform that gives enterprises a single point of control and administration for backup and recovery. Based upon our recommendations, the client agreed to implement IBM Spectrum Protect, upgrade and renew licenses, and procure new servers for TSM. In addition, the client contracted Micro Strategies to perform the upgrade and was able to offer them competitive financing options with IBM Global financing.

Real Business Results

  1. Centralized data repository provides efficient and accurate exchange between the agency and clientele
  2. Reduce time and cost using automation to serve clients without disruption
  3. Streamline processes such as electronic content capture and multi format distribution
  4. Complete mobile access anytime and anywhere

Solution Components

  1. Software:  Alfresco ECM, MSI Profiler, Advanced Search, Office Integration,

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