Financial Services

Whether you are part of a capital markets entity, commercial bank or insurance company, all financial services organizations have specific requirements to meet when it comes to compliance, capturing and managing documents, workflows, accessing specific documents and sharing content with customers in real time.  Micro Strategies partners with all financial services firms to create enterprise content management and business process management solutions that fit the specific needs of financial services firms for internal processes and sharing with clients and customers.

Our solutions help you to simplify, secure and improve the efficiency of workflows, provide standardization and streamline disparate systems. This means managing, circulating and securing large numbers of sensitive documents are easier, more controlled and compliant. Our end to end solutions are easy to adopt and use, resulting in increased operational efficiencies and profits.  All solutions are built on Alfresco for Document/Records Management and Activiti for BPM/Workflow.  Solutions are integrated with standard Desktop and Enterprise applications.  Solutions are available on-premise, hosted in the cloud or as a hybrid implementation.  An overview of core Alfresco and Activiti capabilities and custom components utilized within these Financial Services applications, and associated PDFs and videos, can be found on the Alfresco Partner Home page.


Capital Market Solutions

  • Deal Document Management (View PDF)  (Solution Video)
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Structured Finance
    • Underwriting Processes
  • Back Office Process Management
    • Reconciliations
    • Derivative Trade Confirmations
    • Collections and Payment Processing
  • Equity Research and Analyst Portals
  • New Account Openings
  • Contracts Management
  • Corporate Legal (video)
  • Intranet and Client Portals
  • Records Management

Banking and Insurance Solutions

  • New Customer Account Opening (video)
  • Forms and Policy Management
  • Loan Management
    • New Customer Account Opening
    • Loan Origination and Processing
    • Loan Servicing (Customer Service)
  • Retail Banking
  • Customer Statement and EOB Management
  • Corporate Legal
  • Contracts Management
  • Intranet and Customer Portals
  • Records Management