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Micro Strategies designed the Hybrid Cloud Solution for Music Mastermind, the application that provides music lovers the ability to download, edit, and create unique content. Users can incorporate famous hooks into their original music from a variety of hit songs in pop, alternative and rock genres, and share within the marketplace and on social networks.

Partnering with Electronic Arts/Chillingo - Music Mastermind released their implementation of ZyaMusic on November 15, 2013 through the Apple Store, supporting iOS devices on iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone devices. Zya is officially available in 155 countries.

Music Mastermind required worldwide support for ZyaMusic users. Its private iDataPlex clouds located in San Jose CA and Ashburn VA were originally intended for ZyaMusic development. However, the private cloud environment can only support a small portion of the US population. The maximum number of virtual servers in each private cloud is 150 - for a total of 300 in both locations. Besides providing support for the development and testing of ZyaMusic, the iDataPlex private cloud configuration could only support production requirements for approximately 25,000 users. Music Mastermind needed a worldwide cloud environment to provide the necessary compute capacity for their diverse worldwide consumer base, expected to be in the millions - both inside and outside the continental United States.

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IBM's Premier Business Partner, Micro Strategies is responsible for the creation of the Hybrid Cloud consisting of private (iDataPlex) and public cloud (SoftLayer) solutions. This Hybrid Cloud enables the ZyaMusic application to burst from Music Mastermind's private data centers to SoftLayer locations in San Jose CA, Ashburn VA, Amsterdam, and Singapore - providing worldwide compute capacity without infrastructure investments in remote locations. Because of SoftLayer's unique capability to provide dedicated servers with hundreds of options for memory size, disk type and quantity, network speeds, supported operating systems, stringent regulatory requirements can be accommodated.

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